About us


„We are here to bring you things that will make your life more beautiful“

We want to choose innovative products for you that will help you in everyday life as much as possible.
The brand smartJohn is specializing on development and testing of unique cases for smartphone devices. We do our work in the way our customers could enjoy uniqueness and design appearance in every detail of our cases.
Actually, nothing else matters….
We really want our products to bring you additional unique value that will make your everyday using of device and case itself easier.
We don’t want your case to be just a case. We want it to be something more and therefore
We are coming with first unique case with integrated USB flash drive with 16GB of memory directly inside the smartJohn case.
Every detail is important to you. We know it and therefore we will always be bringing you special products with multiple use in every aspect of life.
And remember – smartJohn always has something more for you