Cullen Dash

„I decided to order this case because it STAND OUT from others. And not just by its design but also the main functionality. It´s something new, unique. If you are looking for something that is protective and at the same time it doesnt ruin design of your iphone, then this is the case for you. Also if you are a person who is using USB or laptop too much, the free USB built in case will come in handy.“



The ultimate iPhone 6 case

We merged 16GB of storage with durable case which maximizes protection. We use flash drives often due to their small size and portability, which goes hand in hand with losing it and having to buy a new one.
We wanted to solve this problem while also ensure maximum protection of your iPhone.
We combined these two attributes into one completely different smart case. So as you can use your iPhone without having to worry about damaging it, you can also make use of your 16GB flash drive, carrying your data in comfort of your beautifully designed smartJohn case.

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If, for any reason you don’t like our new smartjohn iphone 6/6s case, we are offering you moneyback guarantee. All you have to do is to contact us via email and we will refund your payment